Greek AIRPORT Reporting Mechanism

As a Report, we consider any official request for the resolution of a serious issue that arises between third parties and Heraklion International Airport, Crete. We take into account all issues communicated to us, we investigate and operate in strict compliance with the confidentiality of the data, publishing only quantitative data and the categories to which the receiving Reports belong, from which the data subject is not identified. Through the official Reporting Mechanism you can express your concern or dissatisfaction and officially report an incident or behavior that has troubled you.

How can one take advantage of the Reporting Mechanism?

Any person or group of people can submit a Report directly to the company Heraklion International Airport, Crete. The procedure we follow is the following:

  1. We receive the Report and confirm its receipt to the sender.
  2. We investigate the Report, gathering all the necessary data.
  3. We respond to the sender of the Report – when the Report is branded – and inform about the results of the relevant research we conducted.
  4. We propose solutions where appropriate and consistently monitor their smooth implementation.

Reporting Form

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